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On “Stevie and Me” from Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming 



If someone had been fussing with me
to read like my sister, I might have missed
the picture book filled with brown people, more
brown people than I’d ever seen
in a book before


If someone had taken
that book out of my hand
said, You’re too old for this
I’d never have believed
that someone who looked like me
could be in the pages of the book
that someone who looked like me
had a story.

In “Stevie and Me,” Jacqueline Woodson writes about her experience going to the library with her brothers and sisters every Monday after school. Woodson was pressured by her teachers to “read faster” and “read older” and “read harder books.” But on those Monday afternoons at the library, the importance was put on reading books — whatever the grade level. And that’s where Woodson found Stevie by John Steptoe.

Woodson marks that library visit — that book — as the first time a book showed her that African American children have a story.

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New 1x08 Stills (x)

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First Time (unofficial)
Bear McCreary
10,424 plays

Outlander music: Claire and Jamie’s first time, 1x07

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Let the meat cake! 


Mary Antwinet is famous for saying “let the meat cake.” She was a leader of the French revelation. She was very popular and fashionable until she died from guilty.

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I hate it when you’re reading smut and you can’t figure out what position they’re in.

sometimes it just ends up being something like


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So, do you not remember anything of your own wedding?

As a matter of fact, I do. I did have a monstrous hangover though.

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